The Various Uses Of Paper

Seamaster Maritime and Logistics has just completed a paper logistics project. We have just stored, loaded and delivered a set of paper reels for a very satisfied customer.

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Here are some of the uses for linen paper around the world:

Restaurant Menus

Restaurant tables could get messy due to accidental liquid spills. Linen is used for restaurant menus because it does not absorb water quickly and offers a great feel on touch.

Wedding Invitation Cards And Greeting Cards

The combination of big, bold words printed in calligraphy on linen finish makes wedding cards look super luxurious. The same goes for greeting cards.

Business Letterhead

You have probably gone through documents with raised textured letterheads that felt different. That was the linen-textured used to make the logo or name of the company or institution noticeable.

Business Cards

Almost all companies prefer to make their business cards with a linen texture. They are thicker, heavier than regular paper, resistant to tear and moisture, and most importantly, offer a good feel.

Book Covers

Book covers and jackets require slightly thicker and more resistant paper to protect the book from folding. Paper linen texture possesses these qualities.

Certificates And Diploma Frames

Linen paper is used for certificates and diploma frames because it looks and feels good, and it does not tear easily, making the products durable and adorable.

Personal Stationery

Personal stationery such as envelopes and folders could be stored for long periods before use. The use of linen texture to make them guarantees that they will last longer.

Event And Studio Photography Background

Linen paper can be used several times as a background for events and photography. They maintain their surface for longer.

Author: Gianluigi Nicolosi

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