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With 100 years of collective shipping experience, Seamaster is experienced at coordinating all aspects of a ships agency.

Agency KPIs


•  Email response within 24 hours


•  No invoices after final DA
•  Final DA required with 3 – 5 weeks


•  Boarding agents to speak fluent English
•  Professional presentation (dress code)
•  Port team arrival 1 hour prior to vessel call

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Service Offering

At Seamaster Maritime & Logistics, we aim to achieve complete customer satisfaction with every task we undertake.

Bulk and Breakbulk Cargo

• Bulk and break-bulk
• General cargo
• Food grade
• Hazardous cargo

Emergency Response

All offices hold a contingency plan and have been fully briefed as to the agent’s role in the event of an accident on board.

Helicopter Services

An emergency helicopter service can be coordinated to en-route ocean vessels.

Fresh Water In-port & Offshore

We can supply potable water as per your requirements in Durban harbour – in the port, or offshore.

Offshore Launch Services

Our vendors are fully equipped to service our customers’ requirements offshore.

Service Quality

Unique quality charters govern our relationship with every client. This lays the foundation for providing excellent service.

Coordination of Bunkers

With our 24-hour business operations in Durban – the gateway to South Africa – we are able to coordinate the offshore call and supply of bunkers for your vessel entering or leaving the harbour.

Scope of Services

Customized solutions for your specific ships agency requirements are at the heart of our service offering.

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Liner, tanker, bulk and break-bulk services

seamaster tick, logistics in south africa

Charterers, Owners And Protective Agency

seamaster tick, logistics in south africa

Vessel And Bulk-Vessel Maintenance

seamaster tick, logistics in south africa

Warehousing And Transport Of Vessel Spares

seamaster tick, logistics in south africa

Sludge, Slops And Garbage Removal

seamaster tick, logistics in south africa

Procurement And Supplies

seamaster tick, logistics in south africa

Hotel Accommodation

seamaster tick, logistics in south africa

Crew Change

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Trust Seamaster Maritime & Logistics to handle your ships agency projects with precision and professionalism. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and discover how we can bring value to your operations.

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