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South Africa

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South Africa

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Answers to All Your Questions:

Anything! We deal and handle various materials from metals and minerals, to raw materials, containers and anything that can be packaged.

The freight forwarder acts as an intermediary between shippers, freighting companies, and the recipients of shipments. Through a range of services, it organises shipments for companies to get their goods to its destination. A forwarder physically takes charge of shipments and arranges their further distribution. Brokers perform similar functions in some respects, except they never take possession of their clients’ goods, acting more as a facilitator between the various players in the supply chain. Forwarders generally provide end-to-end solutions, while brokers tend to be limited to arranging transport, connecting cargo owners to shipping lines, and outsourcing various transportation activities. Forwarders have their own bills of lading, while brokers generally don’t.

Seamaster Maritime & Logistics offe a wide range of bespoke supply chain solutions for your business. Our services included, and are not limited to, ships agency, warehousing and storage, mining logistics, project cargo, metals and minerals logistics, supply chain management, freight forwarding solutions, clearing and forwarding, customs clearance,. We also have a container depot and access to containers around the world.

Yes, we have connections all over the world that allow us to create logistics solutions for you, around the globe!

We ahve various warehouses around the globe. Click here to view our warehousing services!

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