Copper Cathodes Stored in Durban, South Africa

Copper cathodes are used to produce high-purity copper and copper-alloy products.

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Currently, our warehouse in Durban, South Africa is storing and packaging copper cathodes for a special client known as IXM. Seamaster Maritime has been handling these cathodes since we opened our warehouse at the beginning of 2022.

IXM source, finance, and transport copper concentrate, intermediate products, and refined copper while providing sound risk management solutions. They source raw materials and refined metals from mines, smelters, and refineries worldwide. Particularly, they have a strong presence in major countries such as Chile, Peru and Mexico.

Seamaster has extensive experience and capabilities in transporting metals and raw materials from origin to wherever our customers need them. We design tailored transportation solutions to move metals and minerals safely and efficiently by road, rail, barge, bulk and containerised ocean shipments to regions with high levels of consumption such as China, Japan, Western Europe and North America.

This allows us to propose delivery solutions that suit the interests of our suppliers and customers, and connect supply with demand at a global level.

Our warehouse where the cathodes are stored is in partnership with CMA CGM, a huge global logistics and warehousing company.

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Author: Gianluigi Nicolosi

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