11 Uses for Shipping Containers

Storage and shipping containers have a lot of different uses. Here is a list of 11 common uses for metal storage containers for business.

Malcolm McLean invented the metal shipping container in the 1950s, and it changed the way we transported goods forever. Originally, he made them for storing cargo, as it made it easier to get an enormous amount of goods onto a boat. Now, though, they aren’t simply limited to the transportation industry.

To find out how many different ways storage containers get put to use, keep on reading.

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1. Museum Storage

Artwork doesn’t stay on display forever. Most museums put their pieces on rotation, and when taken off the walls, it goes in storage. Additionally, when renovations take place, the pieces formerly occupying that space also get stowed away.

Museums that are running out of room to store their artwork can use shipping containers. They’re secure, climate-controlled, and dark, so you don’t have to sacrifice the artwork’s quality when keeping them there.

2. Merchandise Housing

For businesses who work out of small shops or solely online, sometimes it can be tough to store all your products. However, you might not be inclined to look for storage because you think you would have to invest in a warehouse.

Fortunately, that’s not the case. There are different-sized storage containers available, making it easy to find one that best suits your merchandise supply.

You can finally clear out your workspace or stuffed storage closet. Organize your unit by putting some shelves up and labelling each section, making it easier to find the products when preparing them for shipping.

3. Sports Equipment Storage

School sports programs and recreational leagues usually purchase the equipment they need throughout the season. From training cones to shoulder pads to kickboards, these items start to add up, and they need somewhere to go during the offseason.

Because many sports programs work on a tight budget, consider purchasing a used storage container. They’re less expensive than a new one and, yet, they still provide plenty of space for all your sports gear.

4. Hospital PPE and Medical Equipment Storage

Security is a top priority at medical institutions, as only authorized personnel can open files. Many shipping containers have an interior locking system and external bolts, decreasing the chances of an unauthorized person accessing the files and violating HIPAA regulations. Additionally, you can use them as a place to keep patients.

In the thick of the coronavirus pandemic, hospitals purchased metal storage containers because they needed the extra space for beds. Unfortunately, there are other times when hospitals reach capacity and need room for more patients, like during natural disasters. Having storage containers as a backup option will allow doctors to save more lives during catastrophic times.

5. Temporary Classrooms

You may have seen schools with trailers or modules outside when the building is under construction, or there’s an overflow of students. Storage containers are no different, and the best part is you can attach them to create a more spacious classroom, multiple classrooms, or an entire facility. Moreso, putting them up and removing them from school property is a simple task for contractors.

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6. Extra Office Space

Do you have a business that’s expanding rapidly, and you’re finding that your office is becoming cramped? Create another office out of a storage container. Given its size, you might think that this space wouldn’t be large enough for people to work.

However, you can put plywood flooring down on this 40-foot metal storage container and have windows installed to let some natural light in, making it a welcoming place for your employees. Using electronic documents helps maximize your space because you won’t need room for printers or filing cabinets.

7. Construction Equipment Storage

Construction projects can take years to finish. There’s no need to constantly haul equipment back and forth to the storage yard or worry about theft when you have a storage container to hold everything.

Transporting them to your site isn’t a challenge either, and because they’re made of steel, they are difficult to damage. You can go about the construction process without putting a dent in it.

8. Temporary Event Sites

Renting a place for an event can be stressful with companies booking dates months in advance and prices being so high. Instead, rent a metal shipping container and use it as a temporary event site. There are numerous ways to get creative and transform it into a place where people can enjoy spending time together.

If you are hosting many people for a sporting event, you can install a bar in the container and big screens on the open doors. They also work for pop-up shop events, as you can showcase all your products by removing a couple of the exterior walls. Start brainstorming the ways you can utilize a storage unit for your next big event.

9. Wine Storage Cellars

Vineyards need indoor space to allow their wine to ferment and age in barrels. Because barrels are easily affected by their environment, winemakers store them in a dark and humid place.

Wine companies will often use humungous cellars to store their wine, but they could save money by renting storage containers. With their controllable temperatures and lack of windows, they can recreate the same conditions as cellars at a lower cost.

10. Restaurant Space

Ever think about opening a restaurant out of a storage container? It’s perfect when you want to sell dishes to-go, or the location has nice enough weather where people can sit outside your establishment while enjoying your food. Not to mention, you’ll save on rent.

If you need a place to store your food, the storage container is a smart option. You can lower the temperature if need be to keep your produce fresh or meat frozen. Having one makes it easier for workers to manoeuvre around your restaurant.

11. Modular Housing

Today, modular housing has become more popular due to the versatile nature of containers. Many homeowners are reverting to container houses as they provide a cheap source of building material to create a beautiful home.

Interested in Purchasing Shipping Containers for Your Business?

Based on their appearance, it might not seem like storage containers are a versatile product. However, the benefits they offer transcend several industries, making them an ideal storage solution.

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