Your Trusted Forwarder in South Africa – Seamaster Maritime & Logistics!

ship with container vans

In the dynamic landscape of global trade and commerce, the role of freight forwarders in South Africa has become increasingly crucial. For businesses looking to navigate the complexities of international shipping with ease, having a reliable partner is key. In the heart of South Africa’s bustling logistics industry, Seamaster Maritime & Logistics emerges as the […]

South Africa Air Cargo Reaches Unprecedented Heights Post-Pandemic

silhouette man standing on road against sky during sunset

In the wake of the global pandemic, the world’s economies have faced unprecedented challenges. South Africa, like many other nations, grappled with economic setbacks, travel restrictions, and disruptions in supply chains. However, as we turn the corner towards recovery, there’s a glimmer of hope in the South African skies – international air cargo outbound from […]

South Africa’s Mineral Exports Surge to Record High in Q2 2023

landfill and aggregates mine located close to farmland and forest

South Africa witnessed a remarkable surge in its mineral exports, reaching an unprecedented R660 billion in the second quarter of 2023. The driving forces behind this surge were the robust demand for coal, platinum, and iron ore. Surging Mineral Markets Coal emerged as the primary catalyst for the surge, with coal exports skyrocketing to R270 […]

A Comprehensive Career Guide in the Dynamic Realm of Logistics and Freight Forwarding

mega container ships

The world of logistics and freight forwarding stands as a dynamic and ever-evolving force within the global economy. Serving as the vital backbone of international trade and commerce, professionals in this field orchestrate the seamless movement of goods across continents and manage intricate supply chains. If you harbour aspirations for a career in this exciting […]

Navigating the Future: The Top 11 Supply Chain Trends to Watch in 2024

turned on light crane

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, supply chain trends are continuously evolving to meet the demands of a globalized, technology-driven world. In 2023, several significant trends are set to reshape the supply chain landscape, fueled by factors such as globalization, technology advancements, and ever-shifting consumer preferences. This blog post explores the top 11 supply chain […]

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