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Our Logistic Services

As we specialise in custom-built logistic solutions to fit your needs, we can fulfil any project demands. This means that we have experience in various sectors of the logistics and storage industry.

Choose Seamaster Maritime & Logistics

Our team of experts are proficient at designing bespoke value-added solutions that meet commercial and logistics requirements across our international network.


We strive to understand our clients’ business and specialise in creating bespoke solutions for their specific requirements.


We go the extra mile to deliver on our clients’ expected solutions, while providing excellent service, along with clear communication and full transparency.


Our aim is to differentiate our supply chain offering and provide you with a competitive advantage for your route to market.

Countries We Service

Seamaster has the capacity, resources and infrastructure to deliver the logistics services required for doing business throughout Africa in the following countries:

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Logistic Services we specialize in

Freight Forwarding

Our extensive experience in ocean, air and road freight operations ensure that every shipment arrives promptly and in perfect condition.

Mining Logistics

Seamaster provides a wide range of bespoke solutions for logistics challenges in the mining industry. We handle more than 2.2million tons of iron ore, just from one client!

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Do you need custom logistic services? Partner with Seamaster Maritime & Logistics and we can solve all your transport problems quickly and efficiently!

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